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Thank you to our
Corporate Sponsors!

A F Gelhar Co., Inc​

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Green Lake A
Animal Shelter!
For information on how to become a GLAAS sponsor, please contact Janine at 920-294-3042 today!

We're Building!

After receiving a gift of $120,000, we're now able to start construction of a 1,900 sq ft addition!

Complete set of plans in .pdf ​format here.
Click HERE for more information!

to make a
donation today!

Every day of the year, homeless pets
require food, shelter, and medical attention.

Our Feline Friends and Puppy Pals

program is dedicated to providing the best possible care
and meeting the ‘basic needs’ of these animals.

With your pledge of $25 a month for one year,
Your name or business will be displayed

On a cat condo as a
Feline Friend
On a dog kennel as a
Puppy Pal.”

It may not seem like much, but here are just a few things $25 buys:
oEnough food to feed all the shelter residents for one day.
oVaccinations and microchip to prepare one cat or dog for adoption.
oFlea/tick and heartworm preventative for one dog.
oFlea/earmite/deworming for two cats.

There are two ways to donate:
Send your monthly check to GLAAS,
PO Box 86, Green Lake, WI 54941
(and note Puppy Pal or Feline Friend in the memo)
Choose Puppy Pal or Feline Friend
From our online giving options here.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission.
Remember, the animals count on YOU!

~ New at GLAAS ~
Boarding Services for dogs!
Click HERE!

View our UPDATED
WISH LIST!  Please Help!
Please choose the answer that best fits your situation.I have a regular veterinary clinic. My pets receive routine vaccinations and yearly wellness exams. I am comfortable with the expenses involved in caring for my pets at my clinic.
I use a low cost program for spays and neuters and my pets see my regular veterinarian for all other routine care.
I use a low cost program for the feral cats around my house and see my regular vet with my own pets.
I have a regular veterinary clinic. I take my pets as often as my budget will allow, but often have to skip routine care due to the costs involved.
I use low cost programs when available and see my vet only when there is a problem due to the cost.
I use low cost programs when available and only see my vet when there is a problem even though I can afford the costs at my regular vet.
I have a regular veterinary clinic. My pets receive necessary care, but we don't visit the clinic unless there is something wrong.
I only take my pets to the vet in cases of emergencies because I cannot afford routine veterinary care.
I only take my pets to the vet in cases of emergencies because I feel that most vet care is unnecessary.
My pets are spayed and neutered through a low cost program. I do not have a regular veterinary clinic.
My pets are are not spayed and neutered, and I do not use a regular veterinary clinic.

Welcome, friends!
If you are a pet owner, please take the survey to the left!
(The more results we have, the more weight this information will carry when we present it to the veterinarians!)
The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter, in an effort to further develop relationships with local veterinary clinics, is seeking the information below.

All submissions are anonymous,
and everyone's input is valuable!

Please choose the answer that best fits your relationship with your vet and the veterinary care you provide for your pets,

We'll spend the next few weeks gathering this information, and then we'll share the results with
local veterinary clinics.  
You can be their
Stepping Stones To Forever Homes !

Here is your chance to purchase and personalize a floor tile and get in on the ‘ground floor’ of the future of the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter!

(The income raised from this fundraiser will be used to ensure that our additions and renovations can be completed in their entirety!)

Tiles will be 20” X 20” porcelain tile with black lettering and design outline.
Personalize your tile AND choose where your tile is placed in the shelter!

$85 ~ Low Traffic and Staff Areas, such as the room for new arrival kitties or the counseling room used for adoptions and other meetings

$125 ~ Visiting rooms for adoptable dogs and colony rooms for adoptable cats, quantities are limited!

$150 ~ Lobby and main public walkways

Prices include two lines of text and one or two designs. Additional line of text, add $20.

Choose up to two designs from a dog, cat, rabbit, heart, paw print, or angel wings.